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Why Choose Dogelux - 200% In 24 Hours


We are a stable and reliable dogecoin cloud mining platform. Our service makes dogecoin mining accessible to everyone. No longer it is required to buy expensive equipment and waste your time on setting it up. Simply select the desired power and generate revenue!. It's super simple - Your mining equipments are already set up and running. As soon as you've set-up your account you can start to earn your first coin from our dogecoin cloud mining service.


Instant Connect

Enter your dogecoin address in the field, the mining system will run automatically.


High-End Speed

We use a reliable and secure server whose speed is above average.


Zero Hardware Fee

You do not need to pay to buy expensive hardware to start mining.


Instant Withdrawal

You can make withdrawals instantly, your withdrawal will be finished in a few seconds.


Detailed Statistics

You can see statistics on our website in real time both deposits and withdrawal proofs.


No Electricity Bills

You don't need to pay for electricity costs anymore, we have solved them for you.


One Time Purchase

Only once a purchase, your mining will run up to the specified contract limit.


Zero Maintenance Fee

You no longer need to pay maintenance fees, just choose your mining package.


24/7 Hour Support

Our support team is ready to provide the best service for you quickly and politely.


Day Online







Live Payments


This is the real proof of withdrawals that has been successful.

Date Amount TXID
2019-09-15 03:52:11 450.00000000 Đ 08f14cc5e89db7a0037dXXXX
2019-09-11 11:38:25 100.00000000 Đ 1080fd81a4945b20dd44XXXX
2019-09-09 14:54:06 353.00000000 Đ 73f894fe80fa8b190e64XXXX
2019-09-09 14:53:42 130.00000000 Đ 570c7b34c5c7ef1d0698XXXX
2019-09-09 14:53:25 100.00000000 Đ b4627e6e4c3a4e9aec64XXXX
2019-09-06 02:24:35 190.00000000 Đ 7491a7959e07e9dbd8c6XXXX
2019-09-06 02:23:34 101.00000000 Đ 62afee1703ea4577e0e9XXXX
2019-09-05 00:21:31 100.00000000 Đ c4ad7d14b2aafc945062XXXX
2019-09-02 17:25:13 100.00000000 Đ 80b793aafd03aebd7574XXXX
2019-09-02 12:33:15 106.00000000 Đ 1a5979d11ae1c7169ee2XXXX

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